Quality of Services Offered by Unemployed Professors

Quality of Services Offered by Unemployed Professors

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Most students who stumble upon the site Unemployed Professors are those who are tired of paying for substandard work, have been chased from their regular professional writing site by high prices or are just looking to explore other sites that offer writing services for comparison. Others find it based on online reviews.

On first glance, the site appears absurd and almost unprofessional. Every page is strewn with comic strips telling one tale or the other. Unemployed Professors is a professional writing site that was set up on 2011 and is based in Montreal, Canada. The company claims to offer top quality essays and papers written by their high-level academicians, jobless college professors.

The outlay of the site may cast in doubt the legitimacy of this claim. The quality of the services offered is therefore something that needs to be explored. Based on online reviews they have received on their Instagram and Reddit handles, the services are top-notch, with a few exceptions of course. This can be attributed to several factors.

  1. The quality writers they hire

While the fact that many writers on the site are college professors remains a matter of question, it goes without say that most of the writers on the site have at least a masters degree and a substantial percentage of these are indeed former college professors. It is only by speculation that we can try to fathom why college professors would leave a well-paying college job and a prospect of tenure to become freelancers on a writing site. Maybe they lost their jobs, or they write as an alternative source of income. Whatever their reasons are, they seem to be doing good work based on the reviews they get.

There are definitely non-professor writers on the site. The site itself states that they can hire anyone who has an advanced graduate degree or a graduate student who has their own class. In order to ensure that quality is guaranteed for the client, the management of the site vets possible candidates and verifies their credentials.

  1. Detailed paper order description

Before ordering a paper on the site, specific details are required. The Create New Project page on the website requires the user to enter specific details about the paper such as the font size, spacing options, number of citations, resources to be used and any other details that could be important to the completion of the paper. Special options are available for people who want specially tailored jobs. Additional instructions can be added to the paper via a text area at the bottom. These helps in making sure your custom paper is written to suit your or your professor’s preference.

  1. Communication with the writer

The unemployed professors’ website allows you to maintain constant communication with the writer you hired. This is very helpful as the student can constantly check up on the progress of their paper and make any suggestions and corrections.


Due to the large number of writers available at Unemployed Professors, a hundred-percent assurance of a quality paper is difficult to guarantee, but then again, is there a site that has such a guarantee? However, due to the stringent measures that the site puts to produce quality papers, we can confidently assure you that the site will offer the best service you need.

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