Important Maths Concepts

Important Maths Concepts

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Maths helps you solve problems occurring in the day to day activities. This vast subject consists of various theorems and equations which could be helpful in one’s career. These equations and theorems are again consisting of important topics and concepts which needs to be understood deeply in order to score in this subject. Some of them are mentioned below.


Numbers are being represented in a number line. This number line consists of all sorts of numbers, it could be natural or whole numbers, irrational or rational, composite or prime numbers. For example, numbers are called prime depending upon its divisors, which is 1 and the number itself.


Sets are the function of allocating a particular dimension of space to data which are compiled together in order to perform various arithmetic operations on them, Multiplication, division, is seen to be easier to solve in this method.

Zero and Pi

In a circle, Pi is the ratio between the diameter and the circumference. Zero, on the other hand, represents wherever there is a null value. This number proves to have a significant importance in the numbers system.

Equations and Equal Sign

The equal sign is used to represents a maths statement for equating the RHS to the LHS. The whole expression is known as an equation.

Graphs and Functions

Functions work like a machine in which you will be inserting one value and you will get another value in return depending on the desired arithmetic expression.

The invention of graph brought algebra and geometry together which enables you to draw solutions to equations which can include the variables as line, point, circle, geometric shapes, etc. on a graph.

Areas of Geometrical Figures

Mensuration means representing the data used for defining the dimensions of a geometrical figure along with organizing the given data into a structure with the help of matrices or expressions. This makes things easy to solve and with the use of formulas, the calculations become faster.

The above concepts can be used to perform various operations in mathematics. Check out the future of learning on BYJU’S and subscribe to its YouTube channel.


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