Creating your Own Climbing Training

Creating your Own Climbing Training

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Climbing is about strength and technique. You get the strength by following a training regime tailored to you. But, becoming a better climber is not just a matter of getting stronger. You need to undergo training that is well-planned, focused, and designed to meet your particular needs. Whether you are bouldering or doing higher-level climbing, you need mental calm to carry out your activity efficiently. Flexibility and strength help; however, they should work hand-in-hand with technique and mind work. With determination and concentration, you will be able to take your climbing further. When creating your training plan, keep the following in mind:

Warm Up

Every workout should begin with a warm-up. Climbing workouts can put significant forces on your finger and forearm tendons. Take time to stretch out and loosen up, particularly in the shoulders, hips, and fingers. When you warm up, your body and mind will get in sync and minimize the chances of injury.

Know your Capabilities Realistically

Consider your daily activities. Together with your chores, work assignments, and other things you expect to happen on a daily basis, determine if you can really spare a few hours of training. It is important to be realistic about your capabilities. Although you can challenge yourself, you should not do more than what you can. How long training program will be depends on how realistic and enjoyable you make it. Develop an easy routine before you drive into something harder.

Be Consistent with your Workouts

Real results from your workouts do not happen in a week. Be informed about how to do your exercise to see any improvement. Repeat this workout many times during the week. Generally, every workout must be done 2 to 3 times every week but this still depends on what workout you perform and the intensity.

Trust Yourself

When it comes to climbing training, technique is more essential than how strong you look. In case you are looking to add or lose weight, do not worry about how it looks. The most important thing is that it works for you. Keep in mind that your training routine is about achieving your training goals. It takes time to see progress but you should trust yourself that you can achieve it and that your efforts will pay off.

Usually, it is not easy to whether or not to stick to a workout but just stick with it when in doubt. After having more experiences with your training, you can tell whether something is working or not.

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