Application trends for study in the US

Application trends for study in the US

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It is becoming more and more obvious that the application of American elite schools is becoming more and more difficult. For our Chinese applicants, it is even more difficult. In 2018, 40,000 Chinese students applied to study in the United States. However, less than 200 students were admitted to the Ivy League in the United States. This kind of fierce battle has made many students and parents who want to apply for studying in the United States in 2019 very anxious. In 2017, American colleges and universities have accepted more than 1 million international students for two consecutive years, setting a record high of 10,788,22, which is the continuous growth of the total number of US students for 11 consecutive years.

China has been the largest source of students for US students for eight consecutive years. In 2017, the number of Chinese students studying in the United States totaled 350,755, accounting for 32.5% of the total number of international students in the United States. The top ten were in order of 17.3% in India, 5.4% in South Korea, 4.9% in Saudi Arabia, 2.5% in Canada, and 2.1% in Vietnam. Japan is 1.7%, Mexico is 1.6%, and Brazil is 1.2%. The competitive pressures of international students are increasing day by day, but the admission quotas of colleges and universities are limited, which makes the application rate of American elite schools hit new lows. In addition, as the background knowledge of studying abroad grows with each passing day, the number of students in the early application stage is also increasing, and the competitive pressure of the 2019 US study application season is increased in advance.

The “strong interest” of the admissions officer in addition to the applicant’s standardized scores is an important soft factor in the application for admission. Only achievements, no personality, the probability of being rejected is getting higher and higher. After the course, school performance and standardized test (hard factors), the admissions officer will become an important soft application factor for the applicant’s “strong interest” in the institution. The application for an instrument is an important factor in judging this item. This is why universities are increasingly setting propositions such as “why school” in online applications, because these questions can better inform the admissions officer about the personality characteristics of students, and can also judge from a subtle point that a student is being Will you really attend after admission?

You can find a professional application agency to develop a special application plan, the success rate will be much higher, not only that, if you are not familiar with the environment after entering school, you will be judged to be cheating in the US exam (also known as 美国考试作弊), the study agent will also teach you how to deal with expulsion (also known as  开除应对), but the study abroad intermediary is very diverse, you can refer to the online study agent evaluation (also known as 留学中介测评) on the Internet to make the best choice. After graduation, the identity problem will be the most troublesome thing for everyone. The h1b visa and the green card (also known as  h1b绿卡) can be used, but the green card schedule (also known as 绿卡排期) is very long, and the application is very difficult. Therefore, many people apply for the h1b visa, and can also entrust a special h1b law firm, goh1b is a law firm that is widely praised by foreign students.

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