5 Top Tips for Teaching a Foreign Language

5 Top Tips for Teaching a Foreign Language

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If you are a foreign language teacher and passionate about bridging the gap between cultures, then there are a few essential things you need to learn. They are tips which will help you on your path to language education whether you are a self-taught disciple or a professional teacher.

#1: Get hands-on: Encourage participation in games

You can get your students engaged in role-playing or games as learning a new language is not any passive experience. The role-playing exercise creates a real-world scenario and encourages students to utilize their new language skills. It is also important to encourage students to participate in games such as grammar exercises to help boost their confidence and the ability to think on their own. Rewards are also essential especially for the younger ones to motivate participation.

#2: Expose students to as much of the language as possible

It is important to focus on the target language in your interactions with your students and limit, as much as possible, the native one. At least they become aware of and learn simple classroom commands even if they don’t know the target language. In the first day, you can introduce some simple phrases which you then utilize throughout the class session. The idea is to enable your students to begin using the language as quickly as possible. So, you have to expose the target language so much.

#3: Encourage activities outside the classroom

It shouldn’t end there in the classroom. Students should be given practical tools such as exercises/assignments which requires them to interact with real people. Say, you are a French teacher, your students should be encouraged to take a walk or spend some time with the French folks or even visit a French restaurant and order something in French. That’s a good practical application of what they are being taught in the classroom.

#4: Use multimedia to enhance the learning experience

For an effective learning, you should incorporate multimedia programs such as radio broadcasts, film, television shows and more. At least your students get a hint of the subject as well as how the language flows, how quickly the natives converse as well as how the gestures are used. In this case, you can opt for a language laboratory to help you et effective result in no time. A good one you can give a try is the labo de langues Robotel.

#5: Teach culture alongside the language

In addition to teaching your students how to speak, you should also make them understand the meaning of the language. One way to do this is to expose them to the culture of the target language. This way, your students tend to appreciate the words they learn and speak. When we say culture, it shouldn’t be limited to the traditional history alone. The modern way of living should also be included and other issues of the day such as news and political updates as it pertains to the country.

These tips are not just limited to the teachers, it will also benefit students of new languages as every disciplined student is also a teacher.

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