5 Phonic Myths Busted With Reason

5 Phonic Myths Busted With Reason

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Phonics is the technique of associating sounds with alphabets that can help children in the process of learning to read and spell. This is a technique that is being taken up in a large number of different schools of letters and words Singapore and other regular schools of the world. However, just like the popularity of the teaching method, this is a technique that is also obscured with different myths. In the course of this discussion, we will be busting five such myths that have been come to get popularly associated with phonics learning.

Requires Illustrations

You can see in different phonics classes in Thomson Singapore that illustrations are used as a mandatory point so that the learning can be made all the more effective. However, this is a myth as the same letter can have different sounds leading to a different pronunciation.

For example, the letter ‘a’ leads to a different sound in ‘apple’ than what it creates in ‘ape’. Hence, pictures and illustrations can be used at the beginning, which can make the ambience lively but does not contribute to the learning of phonics essentially.

Should Not Be Used At All Stages

Often it is said that use of phonics can make a child a weak reader. This is a prop that is required by the child at all his learning stages. Now, this is a myth yet again. The learning of phonics as offered in maximum schools of letters and words Singapore is the first supportive teaching that can help a child to begin the process of learning. Soon as they become stronger in the domain they can instantly and silently apply the rule to any text and any word. This is how further readings are made easier.

Required For Reading Alone

This is a huge myth, as phonics can be applied for general reading and also for learning how to spell.

Used For Dyslexia

There is yet again a common belief that says that phonics is for children with a problem in learning like dyslexia. However, this is a myth yet again as this is a technique that is applied in most of the regular schools like the special schools of phonics learning like Phonics classes in Thomson Singapore for children of all kinds.

Is Boring As a Process

This is one of the most interesting processes that can be used for teaching and learning. This is why its popularity and acceptance happen to be so high in current times.

The technique of phonics is one of the most scientifically proven ways of teaching children about the letter, their sounds and the pronunciations that they can create. English is a language that has difficult phonetics. It can take some children a little extra time to get used to it.

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